Masterchef India 5 23rd-24th Episode Written Update (17th-18th December 2016)

17th december, 23rd episode was semi final of masterchef india that was shooted in Sydney, Australia. The guest judge of this episode was Matt Preston, he was the judge of MasterChef Australia Series.

In this episode mystry box matt preston said it was my favorite ingredient of australia. There were lots of ingredient but they had to use minimum four to complete their dish. They had 60 minutes for this challenge.

Mirvaan dish name was Tawa Seared Fish With Roasted Jalapenos and Goat Cheese Sauce.

Ashima dish name was Heirloom Tomato jam and goat cream bar with jalapeno frozen yogurt.

Anagha dish name was Mexican John dorey salad with chukandar chips.

Samantha dish name was spiced lamb chops with lemon myrtell naan and heirloom tomatoes and beetroot salad with raitha.

Dinesh dish name was Pan seared fish with confit tomatoes and macadamia crumb.

Dinesh won the challenge and got the ticket for finale.

Now the second challenge of semi final was between Ashima, Anagha, Mirvaan and Samantha.

In this challenge they had 30 australian dollars by using them they had to create a dish.

on 18th december 24th episode the winner was announced of second semi final challenge.

In this challenge following dishes were cooked by home cooks.

Anagha dish name was Chicken drumsticks with baingan fritter and grilled peach with custard.

Samantha dish name was Seared Lamb with kale and cream cheese and mint sauce.

Mirvaan dish name was chimichuri Lamb chops, kumbh chutney and hashback potatoes.

Ashima dish name was Dhaniya chikcen dumpling with nectarine broth and roast veggies.

In this challenge Mirvaan won and got the ticket for finale. He was third finalist of masterchef India now.

Now the competition was between Anagha, Ashima and Samantha.

This challenge was shooted in sydeny cricket ground the guest judge was Mathey Haydon. In today challenge they must have one element of BBQ, for this they had 90 minutes.

In this challenge Ashima dish name was Barbecue prawns with avocado salad and savoury lemon curd. Anagha dish name was Herb Crusted chicken with babaganosh grilled haloumi and mint sauce and samntha dish name was Tofu and butternut squashed rolls with smoked pepper puree.

The winne of this challenge was Ashima. Now she became the top 4 finalist of the show.