Masterchef India 5 21th-22nd Episode Written Update (10th-11th December 2016)

On 10th December 6 contestants were left in the show, this 21th episode was shooted in Imagica theme park.

This challenge was divided into team red and blue.

Blue Team
Samantha, Anagha and Ashima

Red Team
Dinesh, Mirvaan and Kirti

They had to make 3 health snacks and 1 drink with the core ingredient Amul Malai Paneer. They had 5 hour for to complete this competition.

Red team won this challenge and all the members of red team (Mirvaan, Kirti and Dinesh) had to compete for the ticket to finale.

on 22nd episode they had a mystery box challenge. In which they had to make a important dish of their life change. They had 2 hour 30 minutes for this challenge.

Kirti won this challenge and she became the first finalist to compete in finale. She also got 1 Lakh Rs. cheque.