Masterchef India 5 19th-20th Episode Written Update (3rd-4th December 2016)

In 3rd December episode the guests of the show was film befikre actors Ranveer Singh and Vani kapoor. In first challenge of Mirvaan was safe. In second challenge

judges inter changed the counters of home cooks to complete each other dishes. It was first time happen that judges gave this unique interchange task to home cook.

Below were the names of contestants who interchanged the counter:

Siddharth and kirti
Dinesh and Samantha
Anagha and Ashima

The decision was taken on 4th December episode. The winning dish of this challenge was from Dinesh. Second winner of the challenge was Samantha and the third winner was Anagha.

Ashima, Siddharth and Kirti had to face elimination Round.

In Elimination challenge the special guest was Vidya balan to promote her movie Kahani 2.
For fun kunal kapoor teach her how to make omlet with egg.

In this elimination challenge there were three mystery box that contains Shikanji, Masala Chai and Amul Lassi. The challenge name was Liquit to solid dish they had 60 minutes for this.

Kirti flavor was lemon drink
Siddharth flavor was Masala Tea
And Ashima flavor was Amul Lassi

In this challenge ashima won and siddharth eliminated from the show.