Masterchef India 5 18th Episode Written Update (27th November 2016)

In this episode 6 contestants had to make a dish with a Thai ingridents. There names are Kirti, Ashima, Siddharth, Dinesh, Anagha and Jatin.

In this challenge Ashmia was the winner while dinesh and Anagha were safe also.

Jatin, Siddharth and Kirti had to face elimination round.

The guest judge of this episode is world famous Chef Nooror. She gave the challenge to copy her signature dish – chef nooror blue treasure. Home cooks had 2 hours to

complete this dish. This was sixth time that siddharth was facing elimination challenge.

In this elimination round Siddharth is safe again while jatin was evicted from the show.

The winning dish of this week was from Ashima and she won 1 Lakh Rs.