Masterchef India 5 15th Episode Written Update (19th November 2016)

In today episode all contestants came in Amul factory, Gujrat. In challenge their were 3 levels. In first level they have to work in team.

1st team A
Anagha, Dinesh, Mirvaan and Samantha

2nd Team B
Sadaf, Ashima, Jatin, Kirti and Siddharth

There was a food quiz, and they have 10 seconds to give the answer. Winning team go for next level and loosing team will go to kitchen

In this quiz level team b loose the game, and team A went to the next level where they had to create new flavor of cheese by invention.

Samantha cheese dish name was Lahsun, Blasamic Vinegar And Thyme Cheese.

Dinesh cheese dish name was Dhaniya, Hari Mirch And Picled Pyaaj Cheese.

Mirvaan Cheese dish name was Laung, Naarangee and Pudina cheese.

Anagha cheese dish name was Mexican Masala Cheese.

Samantha, Dinesh and Anagha went for third level while mirvaan loose in this game.

In third level they had to create a dish with their created cheese in second level use as core ingredient.

They have 60 minutes and amul parlor. The winner of this level got a big advantage and their recipe will update on Amul website with their name.

Anagha Dish name was Cheese Stuffed Pupusa, Spicy Chicken  With Dhaniya Cream.

Dinesh dish name was Bked Souffle, DHaniya-Akhrot Crumb With Makka Salad.

Samantha dish name was Chicken and Cheese Roulade With Salad.

Samantha won this third level, she got the special advantage and her name was mention on the website on amul website with her recipe.

Now in new challenge they have to perform in boys and girls team.

Girls Team

Samantha, Anagha, Kirti, Ashima

Boys Team

Siddharth, Dines, Jatin, Sadaf, Mirvaan



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