Masterchef India 5 14th Episode Written Update (13th November 2016)

In last episode the decision were pending, so the show start with the tasting of dish of every paired.

From mirvaan and anagha paired, anagha decided to give her dish to judges for tasting. Her dish name was Persian Kebab With Bulgar Wheat Salad.

Siddharth dish was the Next, it name was Seared Salmon With Glazed Beetroot.

Kirti was third and her dish name was Pesto Quinoa Pulao With Chukandar Curry Foam.

Samantha was the fourth and last, who serverd her dish to judges name was Dahi Panacotta With Vanilla Ice Cream.

The winning dish of this competition was from Samantha and sadaf.

The paired who had to face elimination in the show was Siddharth and Ajay.

This was the 4th elimination round for Siddharth. In this elimination the guest judge was Anahita Dhondy from the restaurant Soda Bottle Opener Wala’s.

Both siddharth and ajay have to copy live her dish.

Ajay eliminated in this episode.