Masterchef India 5 12th Episode Written Update (6th November 2016)

The MasterChef India 5 12th episode was the elimination round. Sadaf, Pradip and Siddharth had to face classic blind taste test for elimination round.

They have to taste an ingredient if they fail to tell the name they lost the challenge. Sidhharth won the blind test and he had opportunity to use any ingredient from the all.

Siddharth core ingredient was Chicken.
Sadaf core ingredient was Lamb.
Pradip core ingredient was Avocado.

They had 45 minutes to complete their dish with the above ingredients.

Pradip dish name was Avocado Ice Cream In a Chocolate Cup.
Sadaf dish name was Mutton Rice With Papad, Dahi Raita And KhuBaanee and Anaanaas Chutney.
Siddharth dish name was Grilled chicken breast with indian curry.

The winning dish of this episode was from Siddharth.

Pradip was evicted in this elimination round.