Masterchef India 5 10th Episode Written Update (30th October 2016)

MasterChef India Episode 10 was aired on 30th Ocotber 2016. In previous episode 9 samantha’s team lost the challenge, so they had to face elimination round.

In today episode challenge Samantha, Dinesh, Ajay, Jatin, Ashima, SreeLakshmi and Mirvaan had to make a dish that was inspired by crackers. For this dish they had only 75 minutes.

Ashima dish name was Gulab Flavored Chocolate Rocket.

Jatin dish name was Gulab Jamun Bomb.

Dinesh dish name was Honey Bomb Mousse.

Samantha dish name was Smoked Red Snapper with Makka Puree.

Ajay dish name was Choco Lava Cake With Gulkand Tuille.

Mirvaan dish name was Doodh Jalebi.

SreeLakshmi dish name was Sweet Poha with Apple Fritters.

SreeLakshmi, Ajay and Mirvaan had to face elimination round.

The guest judge was Sanjana Patel “The queen of Pastry” who came to give elimination challenge to Ajay, Mirvaan and Sree Lakshmi.

The elimination round contestants had to copy the dish of Sanjana Patel name was Nanniji’s Kheer Royale.

Sreelakshmi was eliminated in this episode while Ajay and Mirvaan is safe.