Masterchef India 5 5th Episode Written Update (15th October 2016)

The 15th October episode challenge was organised at the Westin Mumbai garden city hotel in Italian restaurant. The challenge of the today episode to make italian cuisine for 50 real customers.

The contestants were divided into three teams with Blue, Yellow and Red apron. In challenge the team who loose will go for elimination round and in winning team one home cook will get immunity pin that will make him/her safe for 3 weeks.

1. Shipra was the captain of Blue Team. There team decided to make starter recipe.
Blue team members Names: Shipra, sreelaxmi, Siddharth, Mirvaan, Samantha
There Menu dish was Anti Pasti:
Octopus Fennel with orange salad
Salmon Mousse with Balasmic Caviar
Eggplant Parmigiana

2. Ajay was the captain of Red team. There team decied to make dessert recipe.
Red Team Members Names: Ajay, Pradip, Dinesh, Sadaf, Ashima
There Menu Dish Name Was Dolce – Tea – Ramisu and Pistachio Biscotti

3. Kirti Was the Captain of Yellow Team. They have to make main course dish.
Yello Team Members Names: Kirti, Jatin, Anagha, Rohini, Abhilasha
There Menu dish was Pollo:
Chicken Roulade Stuffed with sundried tomatoes, Pinenuts and Ricotta Cheese
Mushroom Wine Sauce and Italian Fig Sweet Sauce With Vegetables
Parmesan Butter Sage Gnocchi and Herb Garlic Bread

All team have 2 hours to make their dish. First starter team to start after one hour main course team to start and their after one hour dessert team was to start their dish.

The guest Masterchef was Rahul Dhavale to help the teams.

Blue team have to face elimination round, yellow team got 19 votes and red team got 24 votes by customers.

Dinesh have chance to prove and get immunity pin.