Masterchef India 5 4th Episode Update (9th October 2016)

The fourth episode of Masterchef India was “First Elimination Challenge”. There were four home cooks Sreelaxmi, Ashwin, Shipra and Kirti to give their best in the elimination round where they were supposed to replicate a dessert demonstrated to them by Chef Kunal Kapur.

The name of the Kunal Kapur dish was Kunal’s Phool Surprise, actually it was a Ghevar (dessert) that belongs to Rajasthan. This is the signature dish of Kunal Kapur.

They have to copy the dish as it is, they have only 2 hours to make this dessert.

Kirti and shipra successfully completed their dish on time but Ashwin and Sreelaxmi dish was not completed on time.

Shipra and Kirti got appreciation for successfully attempt, and they both were safe in the round. Now due to the incomplete dish of Ashwin and sreelaxmi their dishes was decided by flavours and taste. In which sreelaxmi won and ashwin loss the challenge.


Finally sreelaxmi got her name apron from the chef vikas khanna, while Ashwin was the first elimination of the show now only 15 home cooks are left.




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