Masterchef India 5 Episode 2 Written Update – 2nd October 2016

The second episode of Masterchef India was hosted in WestIn Mumbai Italian Restaurant Frego. This time the participants had to make italian food and served to police officers and candidates.

The show started with a challenge name Mystery Box, A box which included some ingredients. They have to use at least 4 ingredients in their recipe.

There is another mystery box which have kitchen equipments, from those equipment they have to use minimum 2 to complete their dish.

They have only 90 minutes to complete their dish with minimum 4 ingredients and 2 kitchen equipment.

In 16 home cooks dishes the judges decided to taste only 5 dishes.

In first, Anagha dish was selected its name was Smoke chilli cilantro Ice-cream with orange sauce and beetroot halwa.

In second, Ajay dish was selected its name was Chilli Favoured Tart, Orange Curd And, Beetroot-Star Anise Ice Cream.

In Third, Samantha dish was selected its name was Beetroot Star Anise Icecream Almond Crumb Italian Meringue And Canded Banana.

In Fourth, Ashima dish was selected its name was Rough Puff Pastry, Corriander and Chilli IceCream.

In Fifth, Dinesh dish was sleeted its name was twisted banana foster.

Dinesh is the winner of first home cook challenge in masterchef India.

The benefit of being a winner of first challenge that dinesh can choose his ingredients and will decide the ingredients for other home cooks. He gives the challenge to make a dish with Saffron to all the other 15 home cooks. The winner of this challenge will not participate in next challenge but the looser will have to face eliminations with sreelaxmi.

Following are the recipe names in second challenge:

Siddharth dish name Kesari Val Kebab And Paratha With Arabic Saffron Yogurt Dip

Ashwin dish name Savoury Pongal with kesar-val cream sauce

Pradip dish name potato roastie chutney and sweet coconut rice.

Anagha dish name Val Ravioli with saffron cream sauce.

Dinesh dish name Roots: Gujrati butterbeans with vegetables

In second challenge after tasting all the dishes judges called top three names Pradip, siddharth and anagha for the best dishes of the challenge. But the winner of the second challenge is Anagha.

After that they called Dinesh, Ashima and Ashwin for the elimination challenge. In which Ashwin has to face challenge in next episode.