Masterchef India 5 Episode 1 Written Update – Selected Contestants / Home Cooks Names

A Royal Spread Masterchef India Season 5 was begins with a grand exploration of Umaid Bhawan Palace, a taj luxury ventured in Jodhpur. Judges were Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapur and Zorawar Kalra taste the dishes prepared by the aspiring contestants. 30 Home cooks contestants participated in the show from all around the world. The entry of judges was very cool. Chef kunal kapur entry was awesome he came on a bike. Jorawar Kalra entry was like a businesses tycoon.

In 30 home cooks they selected 16 contestants for the Masterchef season 5. There were 30 home cooks that competed 10 times in 3-3 groups.

The first Group was Mirvaan, Kirti and Prateek.

Mirvaan dish was Spicy Prawns With Citric Salad. Kirti dish was Baked Gulab Yogurt with Lychee Mint Concasse. Prateek dish was Chicken Empandas with Badam dukkah.

Mirvaan won the white apron in 1st group competition. He is 19 year old, professionally an artist but his passion is cooking.

The Second group members name were Ruhi, Anagha and Sidhharth.

Ruhi dish was palak cake and peanut caramel. Anagha dish was saoji chicken with bhakri tacos. Siddharth dish was Chai smoked chicken with mango whiskey salsa.

In second group competition there were two winners 1st one was Anagha who won the white apron. She is 44 year old working as a Sr. product manager in San Fransisco.

And the second winner was Siddharth, He is 46 years old working as vice president in a M.N.C company.

Ajay won the white apron, he is 24 year old from jammu a tourism student.

Pradip won the apron, this guy is inspiration for us he is 69 year old and his passion for cooking bring him to masterchef india.

Dinesh won the apron, he is 21 year old and by profession he is a lawyer.

Jatin won the apron, he is 24 year old a telecom agent from ludhiana.

Samantha won the apron, she is 27 year old running a cafe in dehradun.

Rohini won the apron, she is 36 year old housewife, from gurugram.

Last group competion was between Abhilasha, Pooja and Ashwin.

Abhiasha dish name was Nut Khat Sandesh.

Pooja Dish was Deconstructed punjabi samosa with Launji.

Ashwin dish name was Bisibele Bhath.

In the final group they selected two participants for the white apron. First one is Abhilasha, she is 29 year old from purulia a home maker.

And the second one was Ashwin 37 year old, from Bangalore by profession he is a food blogger.

The judges have decided to give the chance who were better but not selected for apron. So, they selected 9 home cooks out of 19 to give another chance. In which they selected 5 there names are sadaf, ashima, shipra, kirti and lakshmi.





Sreelaxmi N Prabhu 37 years old, Housewife

Lakshmi has got the apron but she have to prove in masterchef india to get her name on it.








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